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International Removals and Storage Services

Mirkka International Moving AB offers long distance and international removals. This ambitious moving company takes full responsibility when it comes to making your move safe and on time, even if you’re moving overseas. In order to make your move as uncomplicated as possible for you and your family, Mirkka International Moving AB takes care of all the details with moving over sea, road and through flying.

After twenty-four years in the moving business Mirkka Wikström finally decided to start her own moving company Mirkka International Moving AB, where she could focus on what she truly does best, which is managing long distance removals for her clients all over the world. Through her long experience in the business, her company has lended a safe helping hand to many clients since 2015. Mirkka International Moving AB, together with Wikis Transport AB, takes care of long-distance removals that require shipping and transporting your household goods through road, air and boat transports. 

- Mostly we do our transportations by road. Road transportations is where our best knowledge and longest experiences lies, Mirkka who is the owner of Mirkka International Moving AB explains. 

Through solid knowledge and broad experiences within the moving business, Mirkka herself as well as her educated staff does their very best to make your move as easy as possible. Mirkka International Moving offers you as a client an overall solution where they send staff out to carefully pack your belongings, loading on the truck, transporting to the new location and then unpacking it for you. 

Whether you’re moving within Sweden or all of Europe, they make all the arrangements to fit your scheduled move, safe and on time. If needed, Mirkka International Moving AB arranges a scheduled house cleaning after all your things have been packed and moved as well.

- Our clients often tell us that it shows that we know our job very well and that they can leave their personal belongings to us, knowing that we will handle it with great care, says Mirkka. 

Before Mirkkas journey as an entrepreneur began back in 2015, she worked with other well-known and established moving companies in Sweden where she learned the removal industry. These were big moving companies with connections and collaboration all over the world, especially Europe.

- When my most long term and dearest colleague retired I suddenly felt a bit lost and lonely. That’s when I decided to take a different turn in life and started Mirkka International Moving AB. Our collaboration partner in London told me to keep it simple, that's why I chose my first name as the company's name. I think that's why it has been so easy for both our Swedish and international clients to find us, Mirkka states.

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