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Exciting, fast-growing consultancy company for cable installations and electric power

Although the consultancy company S&W Power Solutions AB, operating in the field of cable installations and electric power, has only been on the market for a couple of years, it has quickly become a popular player with numerous customers and major assignments. The company is now expanding, and is therefore searching for new employees with experience in the field of electric power distribution.

Christer Whyte-Svensson, CEO and owner of S&W Power Solutions AB has extensive experience in the industry. Straight out of upper secondary school, he began working as a sheet metal and welding technician. He then worked for several different companies, including ABB, where he was employed for many years in manufacturing and installations, including the high-voltage testing laboratory. In 2003, he was a line fitter at Vattenfall. Later, he worked for them as a project manager, with responsibility for project preparation, before returning to ABB, where he then served as site manager for the service and installation department. 

“The whole world was my workplace, and I was very happy there. But in 2019, I felt it was time to try something new, so I took a period of leave and started S&W Power Solutions,” says Christer. 

Christer has a solid track record, to say the least, and has made numerous contacts. He was therefore quickly able to land assignments from major clients, which helped him decide to continue the company. 

Major projects 

From the very beginning, he has been working with major clients such as EON, Rejlers and NKT. Currently, he has a contract with Rejlers, where he carries out engineering projects for undersea cables. He also has contract with EON, where he is a purchasing body for customer-centric projects and larger investment projects. Christer is accustomed to networking and understands the importance of good relationships.

“In the role as purchaser, you have a lot of contact with project preparers, project managers, landowners and contractors. It is crucial to maintain good cooperation with all of them, and to work together to do a good job. At the same time, it is important to consider the client, since we are out working on their land. We need to ensure good cooperation with all parties involved.

Searching for a colleague 

From the start, Christer received many requests, and today, he has more work than he can manage on his own. This is why he is now looking for the right person to join him. “It is important that the applicant has experience with the distribution network in the field of project preparation, project management or electric power distribution. I’m looking for someone who has worked in the electric power distribution network up to 24 kV, and I can promise opportunities for development.”

As Christer largely works in Southern Sweden, in places such as Kalmar, Blekinge and Skåne, potential employees must also be able to work in this region. 

“Much of the work can be done from home, but sometimes it will be necessary to go out and meet a client, attend construction meetings, or to survey a project.”  

It is important for Christer to have someone who is able to work independently.

“I need employees I can trust and who can take responsibility. I also feel it’s important that my employees enjoy their work and that they have a manageable workload.”

Christer is a true entrepreneur and works hard to build good relationships with all involved parties, which is why he has landed so many assignments in such a short time. 

“It’s mostly about good cooperation between the different parties, which results in high-quality work. And I always make that extra effort to ensure that everything goes well,” says Christer. 

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