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Friction reduction: How to save energy & extend the life of machines & motors

Energy efficiency and sustainability are becoming increasingly important across all industries. Founded just two years ago by the visionary Christian Kolar, the Uppsala-based company Tribonex has already changed the way industrial machines and vehicles can save energy and reduce wear and tear. With its proven surface treatment method that greatly reduces friction and wear, Tribonex has become a key player in the drive towards more sustainable industrial processes and products.

Tribonex is changing the surface treatment game

Over 20 percent of all energy in the world is lost annually due to friction and wear, and Tribonex is ready to meet this challenge with its advanced technology. Tribonex specializes in surface treatments that reduce friction and wear for a range of steel and cast iron components. By creating a low-friction and anti-wear chemistry integrated directly into the surface combined with an optimized surface structure, the performance and lifetime of the components is significantly improved. Kolar highlights that their studies show an 80-90 percent reduction in wear in some applications, and a reduction in friction of up to 50 percent.The technology underpinning Tribonex has been in development since 2009, highlighting a long and thorough period of development history.

- The background technology has gone through a long development phase with a recent technical breakthrough that lays the ground to where we are today, explains Kolar. The company is now set to make a significant leap forward, with plans for rapid expansion and increased production.

Unlike competitors, Tribonex combines optimized polishing and chemical treatment in a single process.

- That is where we distinguish ourselves, says Christian. Our method is not only highly effective but also cost-efficient and incredibly flexible. It can be broadly applied, even to complex components, without limitations.

A vision shared

CEO and founder Christian Kolar has created a company where every employee is a part owner. This approach, he believes, adds "a little extra spice" and motivates the team toward shared objectives. With a core team of eight people in Uppsala, as well as sales representatives in Eastern Europe, the USA and China, Tribonex shows that commitment and collaboration can lead to extraordinary results. With a vision to create the next generation surface treatment and polishing process, Tribonex is looking forward to expanding globally. Christian Kolar's background as a management consultant, combined with a strong technical team, supports the company's success.

A company with an eye on the future

As a visionary entity that recognizes the critical importance of sustainability and efficiency in today's industry, Tribonex is well-equipped for innovation and global growth, backed by a cohesive team united by common goals.

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