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Plant-based products on the rise

Trensums Food has been around for many years and has developed into a major producer of liquid foods. “Our unique expertise, above all when it comes to plant-based foods, is what makes us stand out,” says Jonas Danielsson.

Trensums Food has a long heritage and was founded in 1948 in a village outside Karlshamn called Trensum. Back then the company was called Trensums Musteri, a classic cider house established by Märta Ljungström and later taken over by her son. 

As the company grew, the company decided to acquire the old brewery premises in Tingsryd in 1984.

By then, the company had developed from just producing cider into a beverage company and today the company produces a broad range of liquid foods. 

We produce everything from tomato and salsa sauce to plant-based beverages like oat and pea-based drinks which have grown incredibly in recent years. 

“We are at the forefront when it comes to producing these products and we’re also proud to have played an important role in their development,” says Jonas Danielsson, CEO of the company since 10 years back.

The company doesn’t have its own brands, but is instead a subcontractor that produces products for other companies. 

The company’s largest customer base is in Europe, but they have also received requests from countries like the USA, Russia, New Zealand and Australia. 

“At the moment, we’re focusing on Europe as sustainability issues grow increasingly complex, with regards to shipping food around the world.”

Sustainability and the environment are important to the company. “Sustainability is a hot topic all around the world right now and that’s where plant-based foods come in, which the company is investing heavily in.” 

Packaging is another part of the sustainability equation that they focus a lot on. The company uses glass and plastic packaging as well as cardboard. 

“There is a lot of discussion on what kind of packages are the most sustainable and environmentally friendly. We have several customers that are global leaders in their field with different opinions, and we feel that each material has its advantages and disadvantages. Sustainability is a hot topic in the global market, and within the company we often discuss increasing sustainable production methods, for example, by reducing waste.”

What is unique about the company is that they have an incredibly broad range of products while also offering holistic solutions. They offer their customers innovative proposals for product development, and sometimes a customer will give them an idea that they then develop. 

When they develop a product, they begin first by standing by the cooker and tasting what they cook, and then they try to produce the same taste at the factory. After that, a cost-effective and environmentally friendly packaging solution needs to be developed. 

The factory consists of five different sections, and each section faces competition in the market – but according to Jonas, there is no other actor on the European level that can offer an equally broad range. 

Their biggest products right now are plant-based drinks, and in all, the company has invested SEK 150 million in production equipment to produce them.

“This is only going to get bigger in the future, and the biggest investments will be made in plant-based production.

Sustainability issues are behind the reason for the great demand for plant-based drinks.

"There are different ways of producing oat products, but we do it from the bottom up, which means that we retain all the goodness of the natural fibre." 

In all, the company has more than 2,500 raw products at their factory, and all the products are 100% traceable.

As no traces of previous foodstuffs are allowed when preparing the next product, hygiene is a top priority.

“We wash and clean up incredibly carefully around here. Not a single trace is allowed to remain as the requirements are extremely strict when it comes to food and allergies.”

The company has approximately 200 employees, most of whom work in Tingsryd, but right now they are looking to hire operators, technicians, lab staff and product developers. 

When recruiting new staff, level of training or education isn’t the most important factor; Rather, they value personality and loyalty. Jonas is grateful for the staff they have today. 

“They’re amazing, they’re what makes the company strong.” The staff’s commitment and loyalty to the company is unique. I call it the ‘Trensum spirit’, when the staff look after the company as if it was their own company. We always try to do our best for our employees to make them feel at home and enjoy work.” 

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