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One Of Sweden's Best Tattoo Artists

Big or small, a tattoo is a beautiful form of art that stays on the body for the rest of your life. Ornatus (Georgios) is a tattoo artist who, through his skill, goes out of his way to deliver unique and personally detailed results. He creates from scratch each project down to the smallest detail in order to achieve a unique piece of art that suits each individual enthusiast.

The story of Georgios passionate interest in art began when he was a little boy. A boy who had a difficulty to stay still. 

 - I’ve had a hard time being calm when I was a kid and I was always ending up distracting my mother from her business. So In order to keep me quiet she used to give me a piece of paper and a pencil to draw what was on my mind, says Georgios whose motivation in art grew bigger in every project. 

He found his passion ever since and challenged himself to draw his best version of his skills each time, no wonder that today he is probably one of Sweden's best tattoo artists. Today, Georgio's coveted tattoo studio has been named Ornatus, which is Latin for decorated. 

  - Ever since, I have promised to continue challenge my self through my art, says Georgios who believes that tattoos are the most beautiful form of art as they will stay with you for life. 

  Today we are honored to visit his bright, fresh tattoo studio on Baldersgatan 3 in Gothenburg, which invites you to a moment of relaxation with its calm atmosphere. 

  - The biggest reason why I came to Sweden was that I was looking for greater challenges and competition than what was available in Greece. The world has fantastic artists and it inspires me daily to be the best version of my self in tattooing, explains Georgios, who has also worked as a hand-picked guest artist at one of the world's most famous tattoo studios in USA.  

 It was an extremely big opportunity and eye opener for him to be invited to world famous tattoo studios and tattoo conventions, especially in Los Angeles and New York which are definitely the worlds tattoo-fine-art capitals. Although he has now taken root in Sweden with regular customers from the celebrity elite such as the actor Dragomir and plenty influencers, customers also fly from all over the world to be tattooed by the skilled Georgios. 

  - I specialize in using a black and gray tattoo style. By working with short strokes and thin needles, I minimize the pain for my clients. Most people even fall asleep while sitting or lying in the tattoo chair, says Georgios, whose inspiration is often taken from Greek mythology, where we finds angels, gods and demons, as well as a fascination with the human anatomy.  

 Georgios puts all his energy and soul into giving each client a realistic, detailed and personal result. 

  - I myself have no tattoos at all as I would not be able to trust any other tattoo artist in the same way as I trust myself. That's why I tattoo my clients with the vision in my head that I'm actually tattooing on my own body, says Georgios. 

  In other words, it is no wonder that customers, despite periodically long waiting times, choose to fly to Ornatus Studios, which is something that Georgios is incredibly grateful for. Here they know that they are getting nothing less than pure perfection, down to the smallest detail. 

  - I can guarantee that I will do my very best to give you the most unique result you can imagine having for a lifetime, says Georgios who is definitely a person who deserves considerable praise for his boundless creativity and solid skill.

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