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Exciting and extreme triathlon events

The Norwegian company XTRI World Tour creates exciting events in many corners of the world within the extreme competition form of triathlon.

For those who like training and extreme challenges, triathlon can be just the right forum. The XTRI World Tour creates these events in many different countries, where their events consist of a 3.8km swim, 42km run and 180km cycle.

- In some cases, it may involve even longer distances. Many competitions are incredibly demanding and all stages of the competition must be completed on the same day. So the participants must be well prepared, says Stuart Mclnnes who is CEO of the XTRI World Tour.

- I have my company based in Sweden and here there is also a warehouse with our products that are connected to the XTRI World Tour for which we manage the logistics.

The XTRI World Tour has existed since 2017, but since 2012 has been involved in several races and has today become a well-known name in the triathlon world.

Triathlon in Åre

Stuart's interest in triathlon began in Scotland, where he owned a triathlon shop that also created events. He and his wife moved to Sweden after living in Scotland together for fifteen years.Today, Stuart and the XTRI World Tour run seventeen events around the world.

- We do not own the competitions and events, but the smaller organizations do. But we give approval to those events that meet our requirements and values.

The competitions attract participants from all over the world and not infrequently participants from upwards of sixty countries are represented in a single competition. In Sweden, the competition is located in Åre, where they make use of the wilderness with the hilly landscape.

The XTRI World Tour also has coaches, who help the participants with the training. In addition to that, the company also runs a training camp in Mallorca and offers participants to compete virtually online.

- Then the participants can compete wherever they are.

The XTRI World Tour has a website that triathletes can visit to keep up to date with all that is happening with them.


Triathlon with shorter distances

Stuart says that for those who take part in the competitions, the goal is to be able to complete the entire race, rather than to win.

- They are always happy when they have completed the race, regardless of the weather or if they have been frozen for many hours. That's exactly what drives me, to see the participants so grateful and happy to be able to do something so tough and that they grow as people.

The XTRI World Tour has recently started developing a new concept (XTRI SOLO POINT FIVE) within the events, where the distances in the competitions will be halved compared to the current ones.

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