PipeFixer - an innovative tool to simplify your work

With the new and ergonomically designed pipe tool, PipeFixer, you can dismantle and install underground pipes of different sizes. This also saves time and money, since the work can be done by one person. – With PipeFixer, you can stand upright in a trench and simply attach the tool to detach a pipe instead of having to kneel down and struggle to pull it out. And the job only takes a minute, says Christian Jönsson.

This recently launched pipe tool is produced and sold by the company PipeFixer Sweden Ltd. The tool is made of durable cast iron and is manufactured in Eksjö. It works on pipe sizes 110, 160 and 200 mm. It is also suitable for underground pipes with smooth surfaces, as well as grooved and reinforced pipes.

      - As long as the pipe has the right dimensions, the tool will work. Right now, we are developing larger grips for the tool, so it will work with larger dimensions, up to 250 and 325 mm, says Christian.

PipeFixer is easy to use and the grips can be switched without the aid of additional tools. Working with this type of tool has many advantages and makes the job much easier.

      - The problem with underground pipes is that it can be difficult to join them and pull them apart. If you’re standing in a trench and need to detach a pipe, you would normally have to cut the pipe and add a joint. With this tool, the pipe can easily be detached by hand, says Christian Jönsson, sales manager with PipeFixer Sweden Ltd.

The main company, Skogslogistik Ltd, which includes PipeFixer Sweden, was founded in 2011 by Roger Jansson. Its primary focus was the transport of raw forest material. The company started up with two trucks, and today it has eight timber trucks that deliver roundwood to sawmills and pulpmills. It also has three chipper trucks that chip logging residue in the forest and delivers it to heating plants throughout southern Sweden. A hooklift assists with the transport. The company also sells wood chips and firewood.

- We have a contact network that allows us to manage our customers and offer the entire package, regardless of what logistics are required. We also accept assignments outside our geographic area.

Last year, they also started a subsidiary called Skogslogistik Service, run by Roger’s youngest son. The subsidiary primarily performs repairs on Skogslogistik machines, but also offers services to external customers, when time permits. It offers the service and repair of heavy vehicles and forest machines. The idea for PipeFixer came from another company that sold its rights, and Roger was immediately interested.

      - I went with my gut instinct and saw that this could be a profitable addition to Skogslogistik. The previous company was never able to market the tool, due to the costs, but we have found a way to make it cost-effective while also producing a high-quality, durable tool, says Roger.

Their customers include municipalities, property management companies, construction companies, and other companies engaged in large-scale plumbing. The majority of their customers are located in Germany and Sweden, but the entire European region is their target area, and they have sole proprietorship of his tool.

      - There is really no other tool that works with smooth surface pipes, and pipes of larger sizes. People get pretty enthusiastic when they see this tool. It does the job in an efficient and ergonomically-friendly manner, explains Christian.

Christian believes it is essential for employers to consider the working environment for their employees, and PipeFixer is a simple, reasonably priced way to simplify their work.

      – For employees struggling to dismantle leaking water pipes at muddy or filthy sites, our solution would be far more efficient that using crowbars, which would only sink further and further down.

The tool is reasonably priced and simplifies the working environment for employees. Although this is the first year that PipeFixer has been on the market, the company has chosen to invest in the development of this project.

      – We know that customers would like to apply the tool to other areas, and only minor changes are needed to make this possible.We will try to identify the most common areas of use, and then begin to develop the tool. We hope to provide additional dimensions for use with pipes of different sizes.

The company prioritises its customers and would like to help them find the right solutions.

      – When visiting our customers, we take the time to listen. If they have a problem that can't be solved with this particular tool, it is likely we can find a new product to help solve that problem, based on the needs of the customer, says Roger.

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