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Regain your hair with active and natural products

There are several hundred types of different hair and scalp problems, from dry and itchy scalp, dandruff, eczema, psoriasis, alopecia - spot baldness - to thin hair and different diseases or disease treatments that affect your hair and scalp. Oftentimes hair is strongly connected to both self confidence and well-being.

       – I have experienced close up how extremely traumatic it can be for a person to lose their hair, says Rebeca Bahadoran, founder of Rebeca Doran of Sweden. Today’s health care system is not suited for the suffering that hair loss means to a person and sees it as a “beauty measure”, which means that many who need help have trouble getting it. I feel that I have a responsibility, with the knowledge and competence I have, to offer the help I can.

       Rebeca Doran of Sweden is a Swedish company with products helping against scalp problems and hair loss. A company with a strong social entrepreneurship and a social responsibility culture that permeates the whole business.

       Rebeca is educated within tricology, mesotherapy and PRP (platelet rich plasma). She also has experience of treatments before and after hair transplants and has participated and cooperated in acupuncture treatments of different diseases where the patient also suffers from hair loss. Rebeca has years of experience within the beauty business, at clinics as well as hospitals, within and outside of Sweden. For the past 15 years her sole focus has been on working with hair and scalp problems. Tricology is the name of an advanced method for diagnosing and treating hair and scalp problems. The tricology method and its treatments build upon patented natural products.

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       – Our products only contain active and natural ingredients, says Rebeca. Effective hair treatments that optimise the conditions for hair growth and regrowth. Treatments which prevent hair loss through compensating for a nutrient shortage in the roots and act strengthening to give healthy, thick and shiny hair. 

       Through homeopathy Rebeca has developed and tested the effect of different mixes and treatments. The production of Rebeca Doran of Sweden’s products takes place in a well-renowned and world leading Italian beauty industry lab. Rebeca has handpicked the best products on the market, been allowed to take part of their patents and from there developed even sharper and more performance oriented products.

       – The reason I started my own brand was that I wish to develop and work with quality. Each specific ingredient and product in my series has a purpose and a performance goal. You cannot compromise regarding quality or restrict the active ingredients because of cost. I don’t want to work that way. In the first place I want to find the very best product, and in second place I look at the financial aspects. There is a profit in my wórk, which is about improving other people’s lives, which outshines the financial profit, even if I am of course aware that I run a business. 

       Rebeca talks of clients who write fantastic personal letters to thank for the help or sometimes ask for help. Many people feel very bad losing hair and some even go so far as feeling suicidal. 

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       – It gives me a reason not to give up in my work, but continue forwards. I have a strong commitment to sick children and young people with cancer; young people who lose their hair. I’m cut to the heart and it gives me a driving force in my work. I also work for this type of treatment to be covered by health insurance. 

       A certain percentage of the profit goes to charity. That is a fundamental idea Rebeca has had since she founded the company. An idea she wishes her retailers also has the possibility to live up to.

       Rebeca founded the company to help others. She uses her years of experience, deep knowledge, continuously updated competence and driving force to do what she is good at and then continues to use it to doing good for others. This approach gives a deeper meaning to the work and workday. 

       In the near future Rebeca Doran of Sweden will launch 70 new products against scalp problems and hair loss. Natural and clean products in the shape of shampoos, sprays, lotions, creams or plasters. To sell these products the retailer has to have training equivalent to a skin therapists, hairdresser or nurse and partake a five day basic education in tricology at Rebeca Doran Academy - Rebeca’s own academy.

       Rebeca Doran of Sweden’s products have retailers in Iran. The products are sold at clinics in Norway, working specifically with hair loss, as well as in Russia and in Los Angeles, USA. At the momen a trial period is carried out where the products are sold at a selected number of pharmacies in Sweden.

       – We are approaching an exciting future, ends Rebeca, and we want to make a difference - for as many people as possible.


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