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“I Was Supposed To Be Happy” - How about You?

There are alternatives to all of the stress and lifestyles we have, but really do not want, and entrepreneur, CEO, author and model Lisa Henriksson is convinced of this. In fact, we can stop running and instead take care of ourselves and one another. The key is to get in contact with ourselves and become aware of what we need and desire.

Lisa Henriksson operates in several spheres of influence, all of which aim to make life a little bit better for people at large. The meaning of life cannot simply encompass stressing about our longings and our dreams and not affirming them. One of the best approaches to this is yoga, which is a known and effective way to stop and get in touch with yourself. She emphasizes, however, that yoga is not just about forcing yourself into various stretch positions.

The wellness center Egen Tid (transl. Your Own Time), which Lisa Henriksson operates, caters to pregnant women and new mothers. In addition to yoga and Pilates courses, one can also attend childbirth courses as well as mother and baby yoga classes once parenthood is a reality. Pregnancy can be tough in many cases, and many have an image of being surrounded by a rosy glow throughout the process. But that is rarely the case.

When one of Sweden’s most well-known blogger/entrepreneur Isabella ”Blondinbella” Löwengrip did yoga at Egen Tid, she discovered that it was the first time she truly communicated with her baby. "Imagine if we could all be better at enjoying life in the here and now. Experiencing it is so wonderful,” says Lisa Henriksson, who has turned her life around to get the most out of it, and she wants to work hard to make people more aware of the possibilities out there.

Taking a moment and asking yourself what you value most in life is a good start to something that could be even better, but it requires training. Stopping to take a moment is a prerequisite, and this is what Lisa Henriksson's book I Was Supposed to Be Happy is all about. The book is a guide to progressively getting closer to the life you desire, and it is also a personal story. "The book is about how I went from living like a robot to reaching my own reality. In my world, the only way to live was by doing the right things – having the right job and the right man, raising two children and living in a big house in a beautiful suburb of Stockholm. There are so many out there who are living someone else's life, but when you live your own life, you start to shine and grow your own energy!”

Lisa Henriksson has also been in charge of the Wisdom conference that took place at The Oscar’s Theatre in Stockholm on October 7 of this year. The starting point of the conference was the Wisdom 2.0 event, which was sponsored by Google for several years in Silicon Valley. "This unique conference combines talks on technological development, neurosciences and economic development with presentations from spiritual leaders who talk about the heart and humanity. In short, we ask ourselves what is happening here and now and what is needed to create a future world we all want to live in.”

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