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Steel assembly with complete solutions

In just a few years, World Wide Welders AB in Bromölla, a supplier of mechanical workshop services, industrial pipe-laying and complete solutions within steel assembly, has grown and developed a strong market presence.

World Wide Welders AB provide their customers with a wide range of metalworking services, from repairs to new production. The company’s largest area of operation involves projects within steel assembly, and they manage the projects from beginning to end, with a range of services that includes sheet metal work, welding and assembly.

“We make things easy for our customers by providing them with a single point of contact for all their needs. We specialise in managing the entire project from start to finish, and we make sure that agreed deadlines are met. These days, rather than working with our own projects, we focus on managing our customers’ projects”, says Iisakki Kemppainen, who owns and runs World Wide Welders. 

Iisakki has a long and impressive career in the field of welding, dating back to his entry into the profession and the industry at the age of 17. Initially he worked as an employee for fifteen years, but in the mid-90s he began hiring out his services as a consultant instead. 

“I worked as a consultant for many different companies, and the phone never stopped ringing.” 

In 2016 he took the next step and started a sole proprietorship. The business quickly attracted a lot of customers, and it didn’t take long before he decided to convert it to a limited company.

“I worked on my own for the first two months, but after that I started employing personnel due to the increasing workload. The business developed rapidly, and before long I had sixteen employees.”  

Customers throughout the whole of Sweden 

The company is based in Bromölla in Sweden’s southernmost county, Skåne, yet it has customers throughout the whole of the country, even in the most northern parts. At present they are performing a piping project in the port of Värtahamnen via a customer in Stockholm, as well as working in a factory in Trelleborg and prefabricating stairs and other parts. 

“Recently we received a customer from Norrland who wanted our services. They heard about us via word of mouth.”

During his many years working as an employee and consultant, Iisakki was witness to a number of shortcomings in the industry, and he became convinced that there was a better way of doing things.

“Sometimes there was a lack of tools or a work vehicle. For me it is crucial to ensure that my employees have everything they need to do a good job.”

Looking to employ a fitter 

Every job they perform is characterised by focus on quality and attention to detail, from the very start of the project to the final invoicing. 

“I put a lot of time and energy into the invoicing of our projects, to make sure that everything is carefully specified on our invoices.” 

Despite the prevailing shortage of qualified labour in the industry, Iisakki has never had any problems when it comes to finding new employees. 

“I like to think that I’m easy to deal with. I give my employees an overall description of what needs to be done, but then I let them figure out the details of the work themselves, as I feel this is the best way of ensuring job satisfaction.” 

Iisakki’s vision for the business is to continue growing at a suitable pace, and he hopes to be able to take on more employees in the future. 

“If there’s a fitter out there who can follow symmetrical drawings and is looking for work, they’re very welcome to contact me!”, Iisakki concludes.  

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